A message from Haddletons

We are reaching out to all our clients, suppliers and friends to let you know that we are here for you during these confusing and difficult times.

The Haddletons team are focused on business as usual.

We are here to provide support to businesses who are seeing their situations change quickly and we are currently working with some of our clients to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus.

Many businesses are struggling with government measures to delay the spread of Covid 19. If you are a business in that category, then please be rest assured that we can lend a helping hand. We can offer advice on a broad area of issues such as business continuity planning, helping with insurance policy wording, looking at employment issues, crisis support or what to do about late supply and delivery.

We will do what we can to help.

You may find these websites useful.



Keep safe, keep strong and if you need a helping hand we are here.

Contact 0333 023 1700 or email info@haddletons.com

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