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Our Legal Team

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Jill Chamberlain

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Dawn Coupe

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Simon Cox

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Jason Curtis

KarenNew 300x300 1

Karen Eckstein

Karina 300x300 1

Karina Gaertner

Hugh 300x300 1

Hugh Goulbourne

Bryony 300x300 2

Bryony Green De Barros

James 300x300 1

James Haddleton

Keith 300x300 1

Keith Jackson

Shereen 300x300 1

Shereen Lloyd

Debbie 300x300 1

Debbie Mactaggart

Helena 300x300 1

Helena Orwin

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Ailsa Pemberton

SarahPodesta 300x300 1

Sarah Podesta

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Helen Roberts

Rowena 300x300 1

Rowena Summers

Our Business Services Team

Claire 300x300 1

Claire Ashcroft

Lesley 300x300 1

Lesley Haigh

SarahJohnson 300x300 1

Sarah Johnson

RachaelSchofield 300x300 1

Rachael Schofield

Michelle 300x300 1

Michelle Smith

Alex 300x300 1

Alex Telfer

Our Linchpins

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Erica Hill

Suzanne 300x300 1

Suzanne Ibson

Diane 300x300 1

Diane Lockwood

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Susie Marshall

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