What we do:

We have designed a simple but effective method for assessing your existing business, your plans and your concerns.

With your business at the centre, we discuss and analyse areas of risk such as your trading relationships, regulatory demands, employee engagement and intellectual property.

Bespoke to you, we provide a clear, colour-coded action plan to tackle issues in order of priority, over a given period.  We are there to work with you as needed, to give encouragement, advice, and support as you tackle your business risks.

Why use Haddletons:

If any of the following apply to your business, the CRA is definitely for you:

  • You have experienced a period of business growth
  • You are planning to grow your business
  • You want to understand your current risk exposure
  • You want to execute an action plan which reflects your ideals
  • You want to give peace of mind to stakeholders, reduce risk and protect your balance sheet?

Challenge yourself to discover what you don’t already know about your business!

The Haddletons Way


We earn your trust through our authenticity. We listen, we communicate honestly, we genuinely care.


We are people just like you. Get to know us and you will find that we can do more than just resolve your problems and lighten your load.

Personal Service

We look at the world through your eyes to offer a truly bespoke service. The more we understand you and your world, the more we can do for you.

Premium Quality

We offer a premium service with price certainty. Our insight and expertise applied to your needs.

Attracted by the CRA’s low cost and the legal/business expertise on offer, the CRA held a mirror to our business and helped us identify any business areas requiring attention. We have acted upon the items identified and implemented relevant changes, some by ourselves and some with Haddletons; who are very supportive and practical. I really recommend the CRA for its simplicity, affordability and effectiveness.

Lee-Ann Prince

Project Lead, Madebyextreme

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just carry out my own CRA?

It is a bit like proof-reading your own documents. You often can’t spot your own mistakes. We give you peace of mind that your business is protected and is compliant, providing you with the freedom to focus on the growth of your business.

How long will the Haddleton CRA take?

The interview takes between 60-90 minutes. The draft plan takes about 1-2 weeks to produce and agree. The action points are set out over a period of (usually) 1 year in agreed priority order (nobody can protect against every risk at once).

How much does the CRA cost?

A premium service, reasonably priced. At just £395 + VAT the CRA is truly a unique and affordable opportunity. (T’s & C’s apply).

What is a commercial risk assessment?

A risk assessment of any sort will identify any factors with the potential to cause harm – in this case, to your business.

What is a risk register?

A risk register is a document used as a risk management tool by a company to fulfil regulatory compliance. It is the record for all risks identified including additional information about each risk, such as the likelihood of the risk occurring, its consequences, mitigation measures and the risk owner.

Will the CRA cover every risk?

We will discuss risk in the round. We will probe and encourage you to think about other business risks . The action plan is a living document to be refreshed, not a single task and tick box exercise. It will not capture all the risks or consequences facing you but it will make you much better informed and more aware of what to look out for and what steps to take.

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