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Every stage in a business’ life poses unique legal challenges. From start-up to sale, you need to understand your obligations every step of the way. Haddletons’ Governance & Compliance Services ensure you have the expert legal advice you need to take those steps with confidence.

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Getting start-up businesses on the right track from the start!



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For the effective day-to-day running of your business.



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Keeping your business compliant while driving growth.

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Concept & Start-up

When you’ve had a great idea, knowing how to effectively build a business around it is critical to your success. We’ve designed our Governance & Compliance Services to answer the questions that almost every start-up faces – how do I structure my business? How do I hire staff? What contracts might I need in place?

As a fledgling business, this can be one of the most exciting times for your organisation. Having someone on hand to answer your legal questions will ensure you can seize every opportunity with the reassurance that you’re operating legally and in line with best practise.


Making sure you’re complying with relevant laws and policies is critical. Good governance and compliance will ensure your business doesn’t make mistakes that hinder progress.

We’ll make sure you’re up to date with all regulatory and industry requirements and standards.


As your business begins to take off, you’ll rapidly be presented with a myriad of challenges you may have never even considered. Everything from protecting your ideas to protecting your customer’s data can be a big concern. We’ll make sure you receive the advice and guidance you need, no matter what direction your business is headed.

Going For Growth

When pushing to reach ambitious goals, your business is sure to enter exciting yet difficult periods of growth. New staff, new business premises, acquisitions, licencing and debt management are some of the many challenges you may face.

We can guide you through your business' expansion, making sure you’re not tripped up by the unforeseen, and acting to get you the best outcome at every stage.  

Future & Exit

After years of hard work, there may come a time when you want to move on from your business through sale or retirement. You’ll need to understand how the transfer of shares, assets and liabilities will proceed, in addition to your tax obligations post-sale. We can take you through the steps necessary for a smooth exit, preparing you and the business for continued success.

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