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Every stage in a business’ life poses unique legal challenges. From start-up to sale, you need to understand your obligations every step of the way. Haddletons’ Governance & Compliance Services ensure you have the expert legal advice you need to take those steps with confidence.

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Getting start-up businesses on the right track from the start!



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For the effective day-to-day running of your business.



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Keeping your business compliant while driving growth.

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Concept & Start-up

When you’ve had a great idea, knowing how to effectively build a business around it is critical to your success. We’ve designed our Governance & Compliance Services to answer the questions that almost every start-up faces – how do I structure my business? How do I hire staff? What contracts might I need in place?

As a fledgling business, this can be one of the most exciting times for your organisation. Having someone on hand to answer your legal questions will ensure you can seize every opportunity with the reassurance that you’re operating legally and in line with best practise.

Company formation and structure

If you want to start a business, you may be wondering what type of legal entity your business needs to be and you may be trying to understand how to limit your personal liability. Choosing the right structure for your business will potentially bring many benefits - we will help you get it right from the start!

Whatever the nature of your business, Haddletons can tell you how to form your business and which structure would work best for you.

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Making sure you’re complying with relevant laws and policies is critical. Good governance and compliance will ensure your business doesn’t make mistakes that hinder progress.

We’ll make sure you’re up to date with all regulatory and industry requirements and standards.


Wondering how you can fund your start-up? Pre-seed and seed funding rounds can offer your business the resources it needs to grow but making sure you get the legal side right can be tricky.

We can draft the relevant documents, including funding and investor agreements, to make sure you’re protected while getting that vital investment.

Employment & HR

Those first few hires are exciting times; you want your business to thrive, to create an environment where your staff can do their best work. 

You also know that to protect your business and your team you need to have the correct employment contracts and policies in place.

Our myHR service can take you through every stage of an employee’s term with you. We will help you build a happy, supported and productive team!

In more challenging matters, our employment law solicitors are there to support and advise - giving you that extra peace of mind.


Understanding your rights and obligations is crucial when establishing any business relationship. Clear, well-written contracts enable both parties to move forward with a complete understanding of what is to be expected in the future.

We can write commercial agreements and contracts for almost any purpose - for example, licensing, franchising, property leasing or joint venture – to ensure your business isn’t threatened should things not turn out as expected.


As your business begins to take off, you’ll rapidly be presented with a myriad of challenges you may have never even considered. Everything from protecting your ideas to protecting your customer’s data can be a big concern. We’ll make sure you receive the advice and guidance you need, no matter what direction your business is headed.

Intellectual property and trademarking

Intellectual property (IP) can consist of more than just your business’ core idea; it could include any products, services, processes or branding that make your business unique.

If you don’t work to protect your IP, you risk losing market share, value and opportunities to copycats. You’re solely responsible for recognising and pursuing any parties attempting to imitate your work, so it’s imperative that you have the legal infrastructure in place to do so.

Data protection

Private data needs to remain private, no matter if it’s yours or your customer’s. Leaking sensitive information can have a negative impact on your business and your image, which can often be difficult to recover from, and in some cases leave you exposed to legal proceedings.

We will keep you up to date on current and future cyber security and data protection laws, allowing you to operate with the knowledge that you’re protected legally and digitally.

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Risk analysis

If you’re unaware of what might cause you concerns in the future, it can be hard to put plans in place. Understanding your business and legal risks can allow you to work with reassurance that risks can be mitigated, and problems addressed.

Our bespoke risk analysis is designed to evaluate relationships, regulatory demands, IP and employee engagement, providing you with a comprehensive action plan to address any concerns identified.

Board support

Did you know it’s a legal requirement to record and retain board minutes? A board meeting can be considered any meeting between directors of a limited company. Although you don’t have to hold them, best practise would suggest it’s beneficial to hold them regularly.

Our support and training can help you gain the knowledge and understanding you need to be an effective board and uphold legal obligations.

Going For Growth

When pushing to reach ambitious goals, your business is sure to enter exciting yet difficult periods of growth. New staff, new business premises, acquisitions, licencing and debt management are some of the many challenges you may face.

We can guide you through your business' expansion, making sure you’re not tripped up by the unforeseen, and acting to get you the best outcome at every stage.  

Commercial leases

As you grow, your business may want to lease, buy or sell a commercial property. We can provide the legal advice you need to properly structure a lease contract, acquire properties and manage a property portfolio.

Debt recovery

Commercial debt recovery is typically a last resort, used only when an organisation has failed to pay you for goods or services beyond the allowable period. We can work on your behalf to issue the necessary notices to debtors and negotiate the payment of any outstanding amount.


When you have a protected IP or product, you may want to give your permission to allow others to use it. Licencing gives your selected partners the right to use your brand, patent or trademark for an agreed upon length of time.

Writing a licensing agreement can be difficult, but it’s worthwhile ensuring you have every detail covered. We can make sure you get it right, alleviating any stress or disputes that may arise down the line.

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Competition law

All businesses need to be aware of the competition law that governs their sector. Anti-competitive behaviour and practises can have serious ramifications for the offending business and in some cases result in hefty fines or even director disqualification.

We’ll make sure you stay on the right side of the law and advise you on practises we think may put you at risk.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be an excellent way to capitalise on the performance of a competitor or consolidate your abilities into a single entity. These processes are often complex and time sensitive, with many boxes to tick before the interaction is complete.

Our M&A specialists will make sure you get an accurate valuation, and that all due diligence is completed on time, allowing for a seamless transaction.

Future & Exit

After years of hard work, there may come a time when you want to move on from your business through sale or retirement. You’ll need to understand how the transfer of shares, assets and liabilities will proceed, in addition to your tax obligations post-sale. We can take you through the steps necessary for a smooth exit, preparing you and the business for continued success.


A business can take a life’s worth of time and effort to build; you’ll want to make sure it ends up in the right hands, at the right price and with your employees protected. Our team will allow you to leave the business with the assurance that everything is taken care of.

Succession planning

Succession planning can be a great way to protect your business upon your passing. Not only will succession planning enable you to allocate and distribute your personal assets, but also allow you to explicitly outline how to hand over control of your business.


Selling your business can have a myriad of tax implications attached to it. Capital gains, entrepreneur’s relief and corporation tax are all factors that you may need to account for within your tax strategy. We can help you become as tax efficient as possible and keep you in line with current tax law.

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