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Effective and efficient board meetings are essential for good governance and the proper running of your business. You can show up and make the big decisions while we take care of the rest!

Are you aware that it is a legal requirement to compile and retain board minutes under the Companies Act 2006? Some decisions specifically require board resolutions – but do you know which? If you are creating a ‘corporate memory‘ you want those minutes to be accurate and easily understood. That is our role; our experienced team will guide you, support you and give peace of mind. Moreover, we provide board training delivered by experienced, successful directors. It will raise your board’s knowledge and understanding of the issues to consider, like risk assurance and ESG. This approach ensures that each director and board reach their potential and perform to the highest standards.

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What we do:

Our friendly team are experienced in supporting board and committee meetings and are knowledgeable in reviewing relevant documents and creating agendas. We can:

  • Schedule and organise board meetings
  • Help you plan & prepare
  • Advise on legal and compliance obligations
  • Circulate agendas/supporting papers
  • Attend meetings
  • Record minutes
  • Follow-up on action points.
  • Act as confidante and trusted advisor to the board for those tricky issues.
  • Keep you up-to-date with good governance and practice.

Why use Haddletons:

We bring our objective perspective and first-class communication skills to facilitate productive board and management relationships. We set the table for a more effective and productive meeting.

Having Haddletons’ knowledge and experience in your board room adds value to any meeting. Our independence ensures that confidentiality is maintained. We don’t just leave it there. We build your performance through our expert training and provide the support of occupational psychologists to build performance leadership.

The Haddletons Way


We earn your trust through our authenticity. We listen, we communicate honestly, we genuinely care.


We are people just like you. Get to know us and you will find that we can do more than just resolve your problems and lighten your load.

Personal Service

We look at the world through your eyes to offer a truly bespoke service. The more we understand you and your world, the more we can do for you.

Premium Quality

We offer a premium service with price certainty. Our insight and expertise applied to your needs.

I would highly recommend Haddletons board support - simply because they get it! They understand the problem areas that directors are experiencing with their board, whether its governing or helping to manage the boards better. It literally is a case of 'does what it says on the tin' with Haddletons board support; they allowed me to focus on making the decisions while they took care of everything else.

Stephen Mannerhein

, Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Are board meetings a legal requirement?

Board meetings are not a statutory requirement for private limited companies in the UK. However, they are considered to be best practice and it is in fact a legal requirement to take minutes at any board meetings held.

What can I do to improve my company board meetings?

There are things that you can do to improve your board meetings, for example:

  • Ensure that the meeting has a well-managed agenda.
  • Make certain that the meeting is not being used for purely operational matters, but for company issues.

We will provide you with minutes from your meetings promptly, ensuring accuracy so that you can action any points raised.

What is a quorum?

A quorum is the minimum number of company directors who must be present at a board meeting to make it valid. The quorum is usually specified in the company articles. In the ‘model articles’ for a private company, it’s 2 directors, unless there is only one director of the company.

What should be included in board meeting minutes?

Board minutes are a legal requirement, set out in the Companies Act 2006. They record decisions made by directors of a company during board meetings. These decisions might include:

  • appointment of new shareholders
  • approving the company accounts
  • appointing a new director
  • other routine business

Why do I need Haddletons at my board meeting?

<p>We provide an independent oversight of the meeting and enable the Board to focus on what they do best i.e. their business; whilst we are on hand to provide our experience and knowledge to help with compliance and company matters. We act as a confidential sounding board to help you through difficult internal and strategic issues.</p>

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