Company Secretarial

As experienced business law specialists, we provide bespoke company secretarial services to suit your business needs and help you meet your statutory and regulatory obligations; enabling you to focus on the demands of running and growing your company.

See also Board Support and Governance and Compliance.

What we do:

  • Appointment and resignation of directors (resolutions, deeds, consents, and filings)
  • Change of company name services
  • Company Formations
  • Creating and distributing share certificates
  • Filing of company accounts and other documents as needed
  • Maintaining all statutory records
  • Maintaining share option records and HMRC reporting
  • Maintaining the “Persons with Significant Control” register
  • Maintaining the capitalisation table
  • On-boarding new shareholders including filings, any deeds and resolutions required
  • Preparation and filing of the annual confirmation statement
  • Preparing resolutions for signature and filing as part of your business as “ usual”
  • Processing share transfers/purchase of own shares/share divisions/consolidation
  • Registered Office and SAIL services

Why use Haddletons:

It is important that your business administration tasks are carried out thoroughly, by someone with the time and knowledge to get it right! Our experienced team is dedicated to the Company Secretarial needs of numerous private companies and AIM-listed companies. At Haddletons we work as part of your own team, understanding your business needs and how they might change over time. Our approach is truly bespoke and we will ease the burden on your business so that you can focus on your core priorities.

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Haddletons have provided excellent support to BOXARR over the last few years. In addition to highly professional company secretarial services, Haddletons have quickly provided sound legal advice whenever needed. I would be happy to recommend Haddletons to any fast growing SME like BOXARR.

Chris Reynolds

Managing Director, BOXARR

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Haddletons office be our registered address?

Yes! Every company is required to have an address where official correspondence, such as letters from Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) or court documents can be sent. A company’s Registered Office Address must also appear on all official documents, including letterheads, invoices, order forms, websites and financial communications. Your company can use Haddletons as its registered address, protecting your privacy and ensuring all correspondence is dealt with directly.

Can’t I just do all of this myself?

Yes, you can try! But meeting regulatory, legal and entity governance obligations is an increasingly important and time-consuming task. Company secretaries are usually appointed to reduce the workload and responsibilities of directors by assisting them with their statutory duties. The specific duties of a secretary vary from company to company, but ensuring your compliance is their most crucial role and one you do not want to get wrong as a business.

Do I need to have a Company Secretary?

A company whose shares are listed on the AIM market must have Company Secretary. For a private limited company it is optional but the statutory and regulatory obligations must still be fulfilled. However, even though appointing a company secretary is no longer compulsory for limited companies, many still do.

Our company secretarial matters are in a real mess, can you sort this out for us?

That is what we do best! Whether you know exactly what you need from us, or whether you need us to take control and assess your requirements. Our expert team will remove the burden and ensure you are legally compliant – we will do this quickly and efficiently.

What does a Company Secretary do?

A company secretary is responsible for ensuring the smooth administration of the company. They usually assume responsibility for the following important areas:

  • compliance with corporate governance and other financial and legal regulations;
  • management of shareholder administration and communication; and sometimes
  • provision of strategic advice to the company’s board of directors.

If the company does not appoint a company secretary, these important responsibilities must still be met.

What does SAIL mean?

SAIL stands for Single Alternative Inspection Location. It is an address, other than the registered office address, where certain of the company’s statutory records can be inspected.

What is a Person with Significant Control?

A person with significant control is someone that holds more than 25% of shares or voting rights in a company, has the right to appoint or remove the majority of the board of directors or otherwise exercises significant influence or control. It must be kept on a central and freely accessible register.

What is the importance of the Capitalisation Table?

The capitalisation table or Cap table shows equity ownership of a company. The table is essential for financial decisions involving equity ownership, market capitalisation, and market value. Cap tables help private companies maintain the calculation of their market value.

Why do I have to keep statutory registers?

Every company in the UK is required by law to keep up-to-date statutory registers and ensure they are available for inspection on request. Statutory registers include important information about the company such as the names of members and how many shares each one holds. Private companies can choose to send information to the registrar of companies to be kept on the public register at Companies House.

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