Investment & Shareholder Support

Whether you are a start-up looking to get your business off the ground or an established company ready to go to the next level – let us help you with your investment rounds. The support which our Business Services team provide is available to you irrespective of whether Our Legal Team provide legal advice on the investment.

What we do:

We provide a variety of support services:

  • Co-ordinating investment documents
  • Filing appropriate documents at Companies House
  • Helping you complete SEIS and EIS applications and documentation
  • HMRC liaison (including in-year filings)
  • Liaising with investors’ solicitors to ensure correct signing of any consents and resolutions (including filing of such resolutions where necessary)
  • Onboarding shareholders (including deed of adherence to shareholder agreement where necessary)
  • Preparing and distributing share certificates.
  • Processing share allotments
  • Updating Capitalisation table
  • Updating statutory records

Why use Haddletons:

There is enough for you to think about during an investment round. We will take the administrative burden off you – allowing you to get on with running your business!

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I recommend a chat with Haddletons to see how they can help your business like they help mine. Investing in their professional legal advice makes sound business sense - it offers a very high return when the chips are down and has benefitted us immensely.

Nathan Thompson Director

, Caremed Alrick Healthcare UK

Frequently Asked Questions

How does EIS differ from SEIS?

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is similar to SEIS in many ways. HMRC describe EIS as being designed so that your company can raise money to help grow your business whereas SEIS is targeted at the smaller company when it’s starting to trade. As such, SEIS relief is more generous than EIS to reflect the increased risk in investment in a start-up company rather than an established firm.

What is an Angel investor. Is it the same as Seed Investor?

The two terms apply to someone who invests in a start-up company,  usually in return for an equity stake in the company. This investment is required to get the company off the ground before it can support itself.

What is meant by ‘bootstrapping’?

When companies start, they often rely for money on friends, family and their owner’s deep pockets. This is known as bootstrapping

What is meant by ‘series funding’?

Series funding describes the stages of funding for a company as it develops. From Series A to Series C funding (or beyond), the higher the alphabetic letter indicates a greater level of funding. In short, Series A funding is for development, Series B funding is for growing business development, and Series C funding is  for relatively established companies developing new products, or markets.

What is SEIS?

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is designed to help your company raise money when it is starting to trade. It does this by offering excellent tax efficient benefits to investors in return for investment. There are various criteria to be met by a firm in order to qualify for the scheme, as well as rules to be adhered to if you do qualify and use the scheme.

What is the importance of the Capitalisation Table?

The capitalisation table or Cap table shows equity ownership of a company. The table is essential for financial decisions involving equity ownership, market capitalisation, and market value. Cap tables help private companies maintain the calculation of their market value.

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