Commercial Contracts

Good written contracts matter in business, whatever your sector. They set out the parties’ rights and responsibilities, defining both the risks and rewards. Without them you could be risking your whole business on one deal that goes wrong. With them you could be achieving more income. Let us help you get your contracts right!

What we do:

Contracts (or agreements) come in many shapes and forms and we have not yet seen one where we cannot help. Examples include:

  • Collaboration agreements
  • Construction
  • Commercial Licenses
  • Data Protection/Data Transfer
  • Distribution and Agency
  • Franchising
  • IT and software licencing
  • Joint ventures
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Outsourcing
  • Procurement
  • Public Authority/NHS
  • Research and Development agreements
  • Terms and Conditions of Sale/Supply and Purchase (for goods and services)
  • Website Terms and Conditions

Why use Haddletons:

Your investment in Haddletons’ technical and business acumen will deliver a real return on your investment. We have years of experience as legal counsel, working inside business, advising and negotiating contracts. We use that knowledge to help highlight and cap your risks and to explore opportunities for greater rewards.

And because we worked in business, we know that you will want certainty of pricing (a fixed price) so that you can budget.

However pressed you are, why leave a commercial deal to chance and not reduce it to writing? Sleep better and make a greater return by contacting us now to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer a contract to a subsidiary?

Check if the contract allows you to transfer it. In English law, if the contract is silent, generally you can transfer the benefit (such as receiving services) but not the burden (like the duty to pay).

Is a handshake legally binding in the UK?

In theory, a handshake or verbal agreement ‘should’ be as legally binding as a written contract. In reality, verbal agreements can prove problematic when disagreements occur. This can lead to disputes and even litigation. A written contract reduces the chance of misunderstandings and is much more enforceable in court.

What impact does Brexit have on contracts?

Some references to laws  may  be wrong and some clauses may now have different consequences and need clarifying. It would be a good idea to seek advice if you are unsure.

What impact does Covid have on contracts?

Covid-19 does not typically affect contracts unless there is a an express provision. Some contracts may have a ‘force majure’ clause which covers disruption by Covid-19 and reduces the parties’ responsibilities.

What is a Disputes clause?

<p>Agreements can go wrong,&nbsp; but ending the contract and rushing to court is not usually the best course of action. A dispute clause allows for the disagreement to be escalated for discussion between the parties’ senior leaders or in front of an independent mediator.</p>

What is a Force Majeure clause?

‘Force majeure’ is defined in the dictionary as ‘an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled’. In a contract, the clause gives respite to the parties from their obligations if such an ‘act of god’ were to occur; for example, wars, pandemics or weather events.

What is an entire agreement clause and why is it necessary?

If you do not have a written contract at all or your written contract does not have this clause, other evidence can be introduced (like presentations) about the terms of the contract. Its absence allows uncertainty into the contract.

What is limitation of liability?

Limitation of liability in a contract means that if something goes wrong, your liability in the contract is limited to the amount stated. This is sometimes a figure or a formula (“three times the invoice value” for example).

What liabilities cannot be limited?

In English law you cannot limit liability for personal injury and fraud.

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