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Sharing is not always caring when it comes to competition law! Competition Law exists to ensure that the customer’s choice is not unfairly restricted. 

Do you discuss business with friends who are also competitors or enter exclusive arrangements (like distributor contracts)? Businesses entering agreements (even informally) not to compete openly and fairly against each other, or fixing a minimum price, are breaking the law. Fines are up to 10% of your turnover. Let us help you anticipate the risks before it’s too late.

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What we do:

We deliver clear guidance grounded in years of industry experience to help you manage and mitigate your exposure to the consequences of competition law. Matters where we will add value to your business include:

  • Advising on exceptions (like R&D, collaboration or technology transfer agreements)
  • Drafting bespoke policies and procedures for your business
  • Helping with wider issues like Merger Control, State Aid and Procurement
  • Providing online and in-person training
  • Removing red flag anti-competitive behaviours
  • Reviewing contracts to avoid anti-competitive measures

Why use Haddletons:

In the current business atmosphere, it may feel natural for you to want to share plans and ideas with other businesses in your industry and hear how they are coping with challenges. But under competition law, sharing and receiving commercially sensitive information can be illegal. 

Competition law touches business and contracts regularly but the risk – and the consequences – are seldom recognised. 

Now is the best time to improve your operations and train staff. These simple steps can also be considered in mitigation to reduce penalties if you fall on the wrong side of the law. So it pays to take action now!

Let Haddletons guide you through this complex and risky area of the law.

When we had a problem with malicious gossip that affected our business, Haddletons listened carefully to our concerns. Together we devised a strategy that halted the issue without court proceedings (important to us as a small company). But it did not stop there, they helped us turn these events to our benefit to grow customer goodwill and business. All at a pre-agreed fixed price.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A business cartel exists when competitive businesses agree to act together instead of competing with each other. Examples of cartel activity might be price fixing, market sharing or bid rigging.

A business must not discuss the prices it will charge to customers with any competitors. It is illegal to agree to offer discounts, charge the same amount as a competitor if this has occurred as a reult of information sharing.

Market sharing is when rival businesses agree to divide a market to protect each other from competition. You are breaking competition law if you agree with another business not to approach their customers or not to compete with them for customers.

Bid rigging is the term used when competitors discuss contract tender bids in order to manipulate the outcome of that tender. They might ask competitors not to bid, or agree on bid amounts. This is illegal.

Yes. Competition law is the term used in the UK, whereas antitrust is more commonly used in the USA.  In China the term used is anti-monopoly.

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