Commercial Property

Whether you already own or lease a commercial property (or are looking to renew), or are looking to buy, sell or lease a new commercial property – we can advise on all aspects of your property life-cycle.

What we do:

Using our technical and commercial knowledge, we deliver practical guidance through all of your property transactions. Including:

  • Property acquisitions and disposals – including development sites, investment sites, portfolio acquisitions and disposals and distressed sales and purchases.
  • Leases – advising on new leases or renewals.
  • Licences – advising on short term licence arrangements.
  • Asset and estate management – adding value and helping you manage your estate and assets.
  • Property audits – we can review your property portfolio, summarise your assets and liabilities and help you maximise your portfolio.

Why use Haddletons:

We know commercial property inside out and have worked inside businesses advising owners on their property transactions. This means that we:

  • use your language,
  • take a pragmatic approach
  • use our experience and expertise to your tactical advantage
  • make sure we understand what does – and does not matter to you
  • fix prices for budgeting certainty
  • respond promptly

Meaning a great service and outcome for you using less of your precious resources.

The Haddletons Way


We earn your trust through our authenticity. We listen, we communicate honestly, we genuinely care.


We are people just like you. Get to know us and you will find that we can do more than just resolve your problems and lighten your load.

Personal Service

We look at the world through your eyes to offer a truly bespoke service. The more we understand you and your world, the more we can do for you.

Premium Quality

We offer a premium service with price certainty. Our insight and expertise applied to your needs.

Haddletons provides pragmatic guidance on a complex issue which everyone needs to understand. This introductory half-day GDPR workshop was time and money well spent. It provided an excellent overview of the wider context of GDPR and a balanced approach to meeting the spirit of the regulations without distracting the entire workforce 24/7. Lots of common sense and pragmatic suggestions with valuable resources being sent out by email for subsequent study and utilisation.

Nick Goddard

, Spinetic Energy Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

What are commercial properties standard enquiries?

Commercial Property Standard Enquiries (CPSEs) are a set of standard pre-contract enquiries about a property. The responses to these enquiries are provided to a prospective purchaser/leaser. They are an additional way to find out information about a property but should not be used instead of a personal property inspection.

What are the differences between commercial and residential property conveyancing?

The initial stages of residential and commercial property conveyancing are broadly the same. However, the process then differs considerably and it is crucial to seek professional advice in order to avoid any mistakes. Some of the most obvious differences between the two processes are:

  1. The type of property being purchased/leased.
  2. Is the property freehold or leasehold?
  3. Goodwill payments – these are not uncommon on completion of a commercial property purchase.
  4. The cost of searches are considerably higher for commercial properties.

What is a freehold?

A freehold is when you own the property, the land it sits on and the space above it. It is the most common type of property ownership. A leasehold means that you own the property but not the land upon which it is built. This will restrict the sorts of changes you can make to the property.

What is security of tenure?

The Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 provides tenants of business premises with the rights of ‘security of tenure’. This is basically the automatic option of being able to remain in occupation of the commercial property on expiry of the lease, under the same terms as the previous lease.

Why do I need a lawyer to purchase a commercial property?

Buying a property is a complex procedure. It isn’t compulsory to instruct a lawyer but they will explain the process, clarify legal documentation and ensure that you fully understand your obligations before purchasing.

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