Knowledge development is key when expanding your business. At Haddletons we provide you with practical knowledge transferring, training and skills to support your growth.

Our approach to training is focused on your needs. We could just list everything we do, showing our expertise and ask you to choose, but experience suggests that people like suggestions so here are a few (please ask if you would like something else).

Remember our Haddleton Academy has courses online for those individuals or groups who wish to learn on their own.

The training we offer:

The Board

  • Boardroom Performance Training
  • Governance and Compliance for your company
  • Preparing for a liquidity event
  • Making your IP work for you

Science and Technology teams

  • Knowing your way round R&D and Collaboration Agreements
  • Commercialising your IP
  • Licencing IP (and monitoring the returns)
  • You and Your regulator

Sales/Marketing Team

  • Marketing on the right side of data protection:
  • Making your sales terms stick
  • Avoiding anti-competitive practices in sales
  • Mastering and negotiating redlines in contracts.

Compliance Team/ Audit and Risk Committee

  • Managing the Risk Register
  • Commercial Risk Assessment
  • Compliance Update on latest developments in your business
  • Anti-money laundering training

Purchasing Team

  • Making your purchase terms stick
  • Applying procurement law to your business and process
  • Reducing contract risks in a disrupted supply chain
  • Contracting with non-UK suppliers

HR Team

  • Practical Health and Safety at Work
  • Handling grievances
  • Getting disciplinary processes right
  • Discrimination and Equality Awareness


  • The necessary fundamentals of data protection and cyber security in the office
  • Bribery made deadly fun
  • You and your health and safety
  • Understanding what your handbook delivers for you

We love delivering training and sharing practical tips based on years inside industry. Good training should not just be legally accurate but relevant, fun and memorable.

Why not entrust us to improve your people’s skills and enhance their performance for your business?

Haddleton Academy

The Haddleton Academy offers online training on a range of topics from GDPR, Commercial Contractual Red Flags and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Discrimination and Equality Awareness, Cyber Security and Anti-Bribery and Corruption etc. With automated certification this allows you and your team to build your knowledge and evidence it as well as train in your own time.

The Haddletons Way


We earn your trust through our authenticity. We listen, we communicate honestly, we genuinely care.


We are people just like you. Get to know us and you will find that we can do more than just resolve your problems and lighten your load.

Personal Service

We look at the world through your eyes to offer a truly bespoke service. The more we understand you and your world, the more we can do for you.

Premium Quality

We offer a premium service with price certainty. Our insight and expertise applied to your needs.

The GDPR seminar I attended was not like a usual seminar or conference... it was extremely informative, fun and engaging. I left the seminar feeling more relaxed and knowing much more about the principles behind the new GDPR legislation. I would love to attend future sessions like this hosted by Haddletons to gain further insights from experts in this field. Thank you for giving me all the information I need to ensure that Azesta are fitting the guidelines and fulfilling the principles!

Jessie de Burgh

, Azesta Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you deliver other or bespoke courses?

By all means – talk to us about your business and we will pinpoint relevant training needs – or just tell us your topic.

How is training delivered?

Online (via Zoom etc) In person or via our online Haddleton Academy.

How much does training cost?

From as little as £49 per person on the Haddleton Academy to £6,500 plus VAT for the day of board performance training (8 max).

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