Health & Safety

Your people are your greatest asset. Keeping them safe is a fundamental and basic duty of any employer. How confident are you that you and your business are doing everything you should to comply with the law?

If your business has seen change recently, now is the time to ensure that your policies and procedures are up-to-date.

Let our experts reassure you.

What we do:

Our advisory work includes:

  • Advice on compliance with the complex regulatory framework for health and safety.
  • Ensuring appropriate risk management procedures are in place in any transaction.
  • Expert advice in relation to supply chain contracts.
  • Investigations and Prosecutions.
  • Policy Reviews
  • Training for corporate clients on risk management, health and safety law updates, RIDDOR and directors’ duties.

Why use Haddletons:

Health & Safety in the workplace is vital. Ensuring you have up to date Health & Safety knowledge and training will significantly reduce your business risks.

Our experienced team will advise on compliance with health and safety regulations and can provide you with comprehensive training.

You can be confident that we are on hand following an incident in the workplace and offer full representation throughout the investigation and prosecution process. Our health and safety lawyers can also help you manage any reputational fallout.

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Chris Thompson

Managing Director, Citu

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a legal requirement to have a health and safety policy at work?

Yes, a policy is a legal requirement if you have five or more employees.

What is a health & safety risk assessment?

A risk assessment is a requirement for any business in order to meet health and safety legislation. There are five main components to the policy document:

  1. To identify any hazards, whether physical, mental or biological.
  2. To identify any individuals who may be harmed – and how they may be harmed.
  3. To assess how likely it is that each hazard could cause harm and put precautions in place.
  4. To record findings and implement controls.
  5. To continually review the assessment and re-assess if necessary.

What is corporate manslaughter?

Corporate manslaughter is a criminal offence where a business is found to have caused a person’s death. This might be because of a failure to adhere to good health & safety protocol in the workplace or gross negligence.

What is health and safety law in the UK?

The basis of UK health and safety law is the ‘Health & Safety at Work etc Act, 1974’. The Act sets out the framework for managing workplace health and safety in the UK.

What is RIDDOR?

RIDDOR refers to the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations. The law states that employers must report and keep records of :

  • work-related accidents which cause deaths
  • work-related accidents which cause serious injuries
  • diagnosed cases of certain industrial diseases
  • dangerous occurrences which may potentially cause harm

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