Modern Slavery

The U.K. government has provided guidance to organisations about what should go into their transparency statements. Organisations should publish statements on what they have done in respect of their supply chain within 6 months from their year-end. They should also keep previous statements on their websites.

The Rt Hon Amber Rudd, MP, Home Secretary explained;

This updated guidance, which explains how businesses should comply with the Modern Slavery Act, builds on our experience since the landmark Act was introduced in 2015. The Act requires all large businesses to produce an annual statement setting out the steps they have taken to prevent modern slavery in their business and supply chains. This refreshed guidance lays out our expectations for these statements, including more explanation of what best practice looks like. Of course, these transparency statements on their own are not enough. The challenge for businesses is to take serious and effective steps to identify and root out contemporary slavery which can exist in any supply chain, in any industry. All businesses must be vigilant and aim to continuously improve”

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The full guidance can be found at:

Transparency in Supply Chains

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