Building team knowledge & expertise

Our knowledge services are designed to help improve your performance and productivity. They include our highly acclaimed training and training portal, our crisis management support programme,  our mentoring and supervision programmes as well as the H&S enforcement tracking service, Lawtracker.

Training portal

Our specially designed training portal will help develop your team, send reminders for courses, monitor uptake and provide automated certification. Whether you use our multi-media training modules or add your own, it will add a degree of oversight and professionalism which will  also free you up from manual inputs. The portal produces clear management information to help you report progress to the board and defend your position to regulators.

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Our fixed price training can be delivered through personal or online formats, with or without using our training portal (though we recommend it – see above). Avoiding legalistic phrasing, our aim is to make the training relevant and engaging whether that is 15-minute bites or full workshops. Examples include crisis management, the new data protection rules, anti-bribery (watch us offer bribes!), dawn raids, the Criminal Finance Act, governance, modern slavery, the basics of contracts (for sales teams).

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Mentoring & supervision

With years of supervising solicitors behind them, our senior team can benefit your organisation by using their experience to mentor and develop individual team members. Whether you have individuals wishing to become trainee solicitors and requiring supervision or a lawyer wanting to be mentored and developed, we will design a plan to suit them.

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Working with our partners at Lawtracker, this easy-to-use system helps your health and safety team keep abreast of new developments. Using a traffic light warning system, it also helps them understand which laws the regulators are enforcing and therefore where limited resources should be focused. Indispensable for achieving and demonstrating OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 accreditation.

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Crisis response

If there is a major crisis, whether a health and safety incident, a bomb alert or IT failure does everybody know what they should do; who they should, or should not, speak to? Do you have explanatory pocket guides and numbers to ring? We will help you prepare crisis response plans to minimise business downtime and train your people what to do if an incident occurs (training involves role playing).

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