Our compliance support will give you peace of mind in managing the risks and avoiding sanctions. Areas covered include the new data protection laws, anti-bribery, competition, health and safety, whistleblowing hotline, dawn raids and the Criminal Finance Act 2017 .

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We will help you reduce the data protection risk to your business of exposure to fines of 4% of worldwide turnover. We have a team of experienced in-house lawyers, who have a wealth of practical and legal expertise to help clients of all sizes meet their GDPR obligations. We have well-designed legal, IT and repapering solutions to make the process more productive and cost efficient for you. Blending these tools with our specially designed methodologies and training, your organisation will quickly and efficiently establish itself as a compliant organisation with an edge over its competitors.

And we can supply a data protection officer service.

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Criminal Finance Act 2017

It is now a criminal offence if a business fails to prevent someone that provides a service to the business from enabling tax evasion by a third party.

This covers your employees, agents, wherever in the world they are. We will help you understand your obligations and develop a risk mitigation strategy to reduce the likelihood of targeting by HMRC.

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Whistleblowing hotline

To protect your reputation and retain stakeholder value, our confidential whistleblowing hotline allows your people to speak confidentially to us. This means you can deal with issues as they arise rather than finding yourself on the back foot addressing negative public disclosures.

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Anti-bribery & corruption

Sweett Group plc paid out £2.5million following a failure to implement adequate procedures to avoid bribery in its foreign subsidiary. With personnel and organisational changes, how relevant and up-to-date are your training and policies? We can help organisations achieve ISO 37001:2016 on Bribery which will embed antibribery in your management systems. Our fixed price policy review and training will help you establish your “adequate procedures” defence, protect your reputation and retain stakeholder value.

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Dawn raids

Dawn raids by regulators do not happen at dawn because nobody is there. However, how ready and prepared are your people if the regulator knocks, starting with reception? Do you know what to say and what not to say; whether you can refuse to give information or if you are committing an obstruction? Our team (including former regulators) will “raid” your offices, testing your readiness. Through workshops we improve your response and management systems.

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Our competition offering is designed to help your people understand the fundamentals and their practical application, using workshops and role play to make it more realistic. Whether management is considering the next acquisition, or your sales teams need to know how to conduct themselves in trade associations, we will help your teams know when to step away and/or report. This will help mitigate your risk and the likelihood of large fines.

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The risk register, legal & compliance audits

Most organisations should have a risk register of which legal risk is a major component. This can refer to legal risks generally or specific items, like managing data protection. Whether you want an overview of your areas of legal risk or a more in-depth audit, analysis and development programme, you can call on our experience to support you. The outcome will be increased knowledge of the legal risks you face and help to mitigate them, protecting reputations and shareholder value in the process.

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