Construction, Engineering & Energy

Specialist construction, engineering and energy lawyers with the commercial and in-house experience to deliver comprehensive strategic, governance and technical support.

With first-hand experience in all major forms of standard construction and engineering contracts our construction lawyers deliver strategic advice on contract negotiation and drafting and procurement strategy. Their knowledge saves organisations time, money and unnecessary complications further down the line.

It has never been more important to have all contracts in place at the start of a project and funding often depends on it. Our construction and engineering team comprises solicitors who have worked in senior positions in the construction and engineering industries or at partner level in their specialist fields.  We take time to understand how your business works to best protect your interests. Armed with this knowledge, we provide practical, simple solutions and explain clearly what pitfalls may lie ahead.

Our advice is delivered to you on time and we work on fixed fees, not hourly rates giving you budgeting certainty.

By choosing Haddletons, you will be sure in the knowledge that your work is handled by a senior lawyer – from start to finish – and that they will become a valued and trusted member of your team.

We provide advice to all parties involved in a construction project including:

  • Developers
  • Main contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Consultants and professionals
  • Education institutions
  • Banks and other lenders
  • Companies doing a ‘one off’ development

We are experienced in drafting and negotiating the full range of documents typically used in a project including:

  • Main build contract
  • Consultant/ professional appointments
  • Collateral warranties
  • Bonds and guarantees
  • Step in agreements
  • Vesting certificates

If you have your own team we provide full contract reports including initial contract appraisals and recommendations followed by a consultation to help you and your team manage negotiations.

We advise on the various procurement strategies and will assist you with the full range of standard industry contracts including, JCT, NEC and FIDIC.

Contracts: Advice, Drafting and Negotiation

Giving you full confidence in your construction and engineering contracts and a thorough understanding of your risks and liabilities.

Our senior construction, engineering and energy lawyers have practical working knowledge of every major form of contract along with experience of drafting bespoke contracts for special circumstances. 

From multi-million-pound projects to relatively small deals, we manage the entire legal process, or provide targeted legal advice on individual documents and clauses. 

We have the expertise and resource to manage multiple contracts at once.

Our input helps you avoid the danger of preparing outdated contracts based solely on precedents and gives you complete certainty over your responsibilities and potential liabilities.


Technical and commercial advice for clients in the power, renewables and solar sectors from senior energy lawyers. 

Energy projects demand expert knowledge of the complex legal and regulatory frameworks affecting this evolving sector.

Our lawyers have worked in-house within the industry and understand the need to comply with strict planning requirements and testing and performance criteria.

We have experience of all major forms of contract (including FIDIC and NEC) and of drafting bespoke contracts for special circumstances.  We manage the whole legal process or advise on specific elements, helping you understand the risks and avoid potential pitfalls.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Keeping your business disputes out of court and negotiating a successful resolution.

Disputes in the construction business cause costly delays. Procurement issues, contract and payment disputes or disputes over defective design or workmanship are just some of the complex areas that may require careful negotiation and expert resolution.

Our approach seeks to avoid court hearings to help you retain control , secure a satisfactory outcome and keep the project on schedule. Engaging with a suitable method of Alternative Dispute Procedure, (known as ADR), provides a relatively quick and simple way to resolve a dispute and an inexpensive alternative to litigation, arbitration and adjudication. Unlike litigation in the Court or some types of Arbitration you are not working to the directions of a third party which means the process can be made simpler and more relevant to the dispute. This helps protect business relationships.

Our dispute resolution service includes:

  • Collaborative negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Expert determination
  • Conciliation
  • Negotiation
  • Adjudication

In-House Solicitor

Senior lawyers working flexibly in your business as part of your team.

We offer the services of our specialist consultant lawyers to organisations on a part-time or flexible basis to work as part of your in-house team.

Our in-house legal service is ideal for growing businesses with expanding governance, regulatory and legal needs and for companies that don’t want to employ their own full-time counsel.

Obtaining the type of practical advice you need on an ad-hoc basis from a traditional law firm is difficult and expensive.  Our solution gives you flexible support from a senior solicitor with expertise in your sector.

Every lawyer at Haddletons has at least five years’ experience in their respective field and has held senior positions in industry or in legal practice.  We know what it means to work in-house and we offer legal advice from a commercial perspective, matching one of our lawyers to your requirements to work with you on a part-time or flexible basis.

Backed by our own insurance, our in-house lawyers will become an integral part of your team, providing exactly the kind of legal and regulatory advice that you need. 

Make a free, no obligation enquiry about our Construction and Engineering service by calling 0333 023 1700 or email us on and find out how we can help you.

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