Changes to legislation such as the new data protection rules mean that staff handbooks and policies must be reviewed from time to time. As junior staff become more senior old employment contracts and the protections for your business become inadequate. We have years of in-house experience and can help your organisation keep on top of these changes at a fixed price. We can also assist with disputes, consultations and other transformational projects involving your people.

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Our pricing for bringing and defending claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal (not including advocacy at any hearing):-

Very simple case: (for example, a wages claim) £1,000-£2,000 plus vat

Simple case: £2,000-£4,000 plus vat

Medium complexity case: £4,000-£8,000 plus vat

High complexity case: £8,000-£30,000 plus vat

Very complex case (for example, a multi-day, multi-witness case with significant documentation and possibly involving complex points on whistleblowing or discrimination): £30,000-£100,000 plus vat

Factors that could make a case more complex:

  • Number of days hearing
  • If it is necessary to make or defend applications to amend claims or to provide further information about an existing claim
  • Defending claims that are brought by litigants in person
  • Making or defending a costs application
  • Complex preliminary issues such as whether the claimant is disabled (if this is not agreed by the parties)
  • The number of witnesses and documents
  • If it is an automatic unfair dismissal claim e.g. if you are dismissed after blowing the whistle on your employer
  • Allegations of discrimination which are linked to the dismissal

There will be an additional charge for Counsel attending a Tribunal Hearing of between £750-1250 per day (excluding VAT). Generally, we would allow between 1 – 5 days depending on the complexity of the case (in very complex cases this could be more). CONTINUE READING

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