Good governance & effective leadership

Whatever the type of your organisation, good governance and leadership sets you apart from your competition, adding an ethical dimension beyond simple good management. Good governance describes the high-water mark for arriving at decisions which are transparent, accountable, responsive, participatory and effective. Stakeholders now demand it in return for their investment of labour, money and resource.

We are delighted to offer services not just from lawyers but CEO’s and consultant psychologists to help you get the best support available.

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Training Your Board or Senior Management Team (SMT)

We will help your organisation develop good governance systems reflecting your culture and train your board or SMT on what is expected of them. From short 15-minute presentations through one-to-one training or longer workshops, we can cover a broad range of topics like directors’ conflicts or how to act at board/SMT meetings and discharge your duties. The advantage is a well-rounded board/SMT with a unified approach to, and understanding of, governance.

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Training for listed companies or those aspiring to be listed

The UK Corporate Governance Code sets out standards of good practice for listed companies on board composition and development, remuneration, shareholder relations, accountability and audit. Helping you develop your understanding of the rules and translate them into your business by those who have implemented them before will help improve the attractiveness and value of the organisation to its stakeholders.

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Assessment & development of executives

Transformational leaders are made, not born. To complement our legal services, we have joined up with Haddleton Knight to offer you expert chartered psychologists to enhance your business. With over 20 years’ experience working with senior Executives at FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 organisations they will help you create and develop a board team set for long term leadership and to improve your bottom line.

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Good governance with former CEO, Keith R Jackson, CDir, CEng

Keith, a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered Director, is a successful senior executive with a wealth of experience in CEO, Executive Director, Interim and Non-Executive Director roles. The Institute of Directors UK Director of the year 2016, he has a proven history of vision, strategic foresight and strong governance that has enhanced board performance. Keith deploys his expertise to help your board develop and effectively manage the governance cycle, looking at aspects such as foresight, strategic thinking, supervising management and accountability to stakeholders. He will work with you to enhance board performance and make board meetings much more strategically focused.

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Company secretarial

It is often the company secretarial function which is asked to deliver good governance and legal compliance. As former Group Legal Counsel and company secretary, James Haddleton and his team are well placed to help company secretaries understand their obligations and enhance their own value to the board. That includes establishing better systems for board management or identifying, and preparing for, legal and compliance issues which will affect your organisation.

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