Improving legal operational efficiency

Providing additional managed resource, reducing external legal costs or choosing a contract  management system are all areas we can assist with based on our own experiences as senior in-house counsel

Reducing spend on advisors (procurement of advisors)

We can work with you using the latest tools and processes to reduce your costs and drive value from your professional advisors. This is because we know how procurement works from both sides, having led teams in private practice and in-house. This could be for an exceptional transaction or for retained work. Whilst we put money back in your pocket, you can focus on more important operational and strategic matters (and take the credit for the savings).

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Additional Support for your in-house legal team or Company Secretary

We provide a professional, managed service offering supervised resource to boost your team from time to time. Most of these are experienced in-house counsel who understand what it means to work in-house. Backed by our own professional indemnity insurance, you pay only for the time spent with you (in person or virtually), saving on employment costs as well as management time. This means that you access experienced lawyers, properly managed, at a fair rate – a true managed solution to your resource requirements.

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Leading & resourcing (large) projects

With over 50 people experienced in leading and managing legal projects and supported by the latest IT analytics tools, we will work alongside you on large legal projects. This blend of genuine legal and project expertise is ideally geared to help you prepare for the new General Data Protection Regulations coming in to force in 2018; corporate due diligence work; contract management and analysis; document-heavy litigation support. Projects are scoped and priced for certainty. Our expertise, experience and transparent pricing mean that you can be confident that we will meet your expectations and deliver a valuable and important project on time.

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Making sure you get a good deal

(Corporate, Contracts and Negotiations)

We can help you get the best out of your agreements with customers and suppliers based on years of negotiating experience. We will help you focus on your key priorities rather than every issue.  We can do this for individual commercial contracts or through  relevant training to your teams. Ask us about our fixed price approach to contract reviews and let us show how we can help you improve the quality of your contracting.

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Managing contracts to maximise potential

(Contract management systems & analytics)

To help you avoid missing important contract dates, like notice periods or price review clauses in your favour, we will help you choose the best contract management systems using the latest data analytics tools. A good contract management system will transform how you work, saving you time and cost. When you have made your choice, let us take the strain from you and deploy our IT and human resources to manage the updating and transfer of documents to the new system.

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Strategic planning for the legal function

Development of a legal strategy aligned to the businesses objectives can be a difficult process: what to prioritise; choosing the right systems (e.g. for contracting); team structure; work analysis to help your team focus on value added work not churn; getting senior buy-in to compliance and governance; procuring advisers; With our wealth of in-house experience we can help advise you and crosscheck your ideas with others in a similar position. Let us act as a sounding board for your ideas and help you shine.

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Lexcel – excellence in legal practice management & client care

Lexcel is the Law Society’s legal practice quality mark for excellence in legal practice management and excellence in client care.  The benefit to the business of achieving the mark is improved processes and systems as well as a more consistent and efficient approach to work. It also sends a clear signal to stakeholders (and potential recruits) of the importance you place on the quality of your in-house function. Let us help take you through this process;

See also out training and mentoring services for your team

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