Life Sciences

Life sciences lawyers with in-house experience in the pharmaceuticals sector.

Our senior life sciences lawyers have worked within the legal departments of some of the largest global pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms and understand the issues you encounter every day. Our technical and commercial knowledge gained from working inhouse delivers the right solution for your legal and regulatory challenges, saving time, money and unnecessary complications further down the line.

In the life sciences sector, it is critical to ensure that Intellectual Property is properly created and protected, and that regulations are well understood and followed. Our life sciences team can advise in all areas of IP contracts and pharmaceutical regulations. They understand the investment cycle in life sciences and can counsel on all aspects of fund-raising and business sales or exits as well as providing day to day legal and business support. We will work with you to identify the legal pitfalls and opportunities, whatever stage of development your business is in.

Our advice is delivered to you on time and we work on fixed fees, not hourly rates, giving you budgeting certainty.

By choosing Haddletons, you will be secure in the knowledge that your work is handled by a senior experienced lawyer – from start to finish – and that they will become a valued and trusted member of your team.

We provide advice particularly in these areas:

  • Research agreements and collaborations
  • Patent and know-how licences
  • Product acquisitions and disposals
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Intellectual property transactions
  • Preparation for due diligence
  • Supply and manufacturing agreements
  • Distribution and other commercialisation agreements
  • Investment, equity and funding documentation
  • Shareholder arrangements
  • Disputes and investigations

We are experienced in the specific commercial and strategic issues faced by life sciences companies and can guide you through difficult decisions, whether they are legal, regulatory or business ones. Because of our in-house expertise in life sciences, our services support any entity whether large or small, including investors and investees. And we have a network of links to other life sciences professionals who can add value to your business.

We can also support most business needs with training, either delivered onlineor personally. We cover a mixture of legal, commercial and technical topics relevant to the life sciences industry, including due diligences and preparations for business sales.

If you already have your own legal team, our lawyers can provide targeted support for individual projects, for example in areas where your in-house team does not have hands-on experience, or where time and resources are scarce.

Contracts: Advice, Drafting and Negotiation

Giving you full confidence in your contracts and a thorough understanding of your risks and liabilities.

For a small biotech company, contract accuracy is essential and can affect the value of the project and the business. Securing the necessary Intellectual Property, whether by patents, confidential know-how or contractual rights, is vital. Any investor in the company will scrutinise contracts in minute detail and we make sure you have everything covered to meet their expectations.

Our senior pharmaceuticals lawyers have practical working knowledge of every type of agreement in the life sciences sector, from simple research agreements to complex and high value risk-sharing collaborations.

We can manage the entire contracting process, or we can provide targeted legal advice on individual documents and clauses.Our in-house experience means that we focus on the important risks and liabilities and we do not spend valuable time arguing over points that don’t matter.

Intellectual Property

Securing and protecting the necessary IP that is relevant to the development of your critical projects. 

We can manage and advise on every type of IP contract and we understand what the key risks and issues are.

We work with some of the most skilled patent attorneys in the industry to help you  examine your inventions, devise a patent strategy and implement it in the UK, in the EU or worldwide.

Due Diligence

Preparing for and managing the Due Diligence (DD) process.

Life sciences companies are driven by collaborations. Your company may be carrying out a DD on a potential partner, or you may be the subject of a DD exercise yourself. Our lawyers have handled multiple, complex and high value DDs and we know what the critical value drivers are.

We are in a unique position to help with planning for and running a DD exercise, however large or small the resource requirement. Not only can we assist with legal DD but we can help with commercial DD delivered by former chief executives in the sector who understand the commercial drivers.   We can also work with you to prepare for future DDs, for example by conducting a “dry run” or a patent “health check”. Our experience tells us that the companies which are the best prepared are the ones that negotiate the best deals.

Health Check and Retainer

Initial assessment of business needs, combined with a retainer for spreading the cost.

In the life sciences sector, we have developed a different way of working compared to most law firms. We look at your goals and challenges as a whole for several years ahead and plan with you what your legal priorities should be and implement them accordingly with you. To help your budget and cash flow we spread the cost out over the period in question. This is reassessed as your plans change, making it a helpful tool for longer term planning and budgeting whilst avoiding nasty surprises. 

In-House Solicitors

Senior lawyers working flexibly in your business as part of your team.

We offer the services of our specialist consultant lawyers to organisations on a part-time or flexible basis to work as part of your in-house team.

Our in-house legal service is ideal for growing businesses with expanding governance, regulatory and legal needs and for companies that don’t want to employ their own full-time counsel.

Obtaining the type of practical advice you need on an ad-hoc basis from a traditional law firm is difficult and expensive.  Our solution gives you flexible support from a senior solicitor with expertise in your sector.

Every lawyer at Haddletons has at least five years’ experience in their respective field and has held senior positions in industry or in legal practice.  We know what it means to work in-house and we offer legal advice from a commercial perspective, matching one of our lawyers to your requirements to work with you on a part-time or flexible basis.

Backed by our own insurance, our in-house lawyers will become an integral part of your team, providing exactly the kind of legal and regulatory advice that you need. 

Make a free, no obligation enquiry about our Life Sciences service by calling 0333 023 1700 or email us on and find out how we can help you.

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