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Our people are experienced professionals who have worked inside the business sectors we serve.

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We deliver practical advice in a friendly way, based on our commitment to building long-lasting relationships with each and every one of our clients.


We have lived the same pragmatism, commerciality and personal service that you demand of us.

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Our Values of Trust, Warmth, Personal Service and Premium Quality are uppermost in all that we do.


We earn your trust through our authenticity. We listen, we communicate honestly, we genuinely care.



We are people just like you. Get to know us and you will find that we can do more than just resolve your problems and lighten your load.



We look at the world through your eyes to offer a truly bespoke service. The more we understand you and your world, the more we can do for you.



We offer a premium service with price certainty. Our insight and expertise applied to your needs.


Some of our clients

Down-to-earth approach and a can-do attitude.

Over the past 2 years we have been working on a large project with Debbie MacTaggart, Commercial and Employment solicitor at Haddletons. We achieved a successful outcome to this recently, thanks in no small part to Debbie’s tireless efforts and obvious experience. The project went through some quite intense stages, and her constant guidance and input often at short notice and unsociable hours, was invaluable. We look forward to working together in the future – and I would not hesitate in recommending Debbie and Haddletons to anyone looking for a down-to-earth approach and a can-do attitude.

Chester White

I don't know what I would have done without you. A truly excellent service!

Just to say thank you so very much for all your help, advice and support regarding the Intellectual Property issue relating to the sale of my previous business and also your more recent assistance regarding a consumer rights service provision deficiency. You have been a life saver on both occasions and I sincerely appreciate your time, professionalism, in depth knowledge, down to earth and conscientious approach and your immediate understanding of my situation in both cases.  I don’t know what I would have done without you. A truly excellent service!

The Boho Shed
Joanne Hughes, Owner

Very supportive and practical

Attracted by the CRA’s low cost and the legal/business expertise on offer, the CRA held a mirror to our business and helped us identify any business areas requiring attention. We have acted upon the items identified and implemented relevant changes, some by ourselves and some with Haddletons; who are very supportive and practical. I really recommend the CRA for its simplicity, affordability and effectiveness.

Lee-Ann Prince, Project Lead

Ask the right questions

I’ve lost count of the times that Haddletons have helped us and I enjoy working with the Haddletons team. I like the fact they offer fixed prices and are so readily available. They tend to ask the right questions and see the bigger picture. This means we get the right answer for the business.

Chris Thompson , Managing Director

Valuable insight

Haddletons were able to provide valuable insight into what our Terms of Business would need to state so that the business can be protected comprehensively. They took the time to find out exactly what was important to us as a business before drafting a set of Terms. These were then revised over a 24 hour period before being delivered the final document, which we are very happy with. I would recommend Haddletons if you are looking for sound legal advice with a personal service.

Innova Search and Selection
Richard Pilkington, Director

Ability to really engage people

As the previous CFO at Kloeckner, the bribery training Haddletons gave was one of our most popular training courses designed to complement Kloeckner’s strong compliance programme as a large listed company. Haddletons have an ability to really engage people and get them to think about what bribery means to them, avoiding legal terminology. Watching them take “bribes” mid-training is a highlight! I would definitely recommend this training.

Kloeckner Metals UK
Nichola Skelton , Former CFO

Balance between risk and reward

A great sale is judged not by price alone but on the balance between risk and reward. Haddletons are excellent at helping me see the whole commercial picture. An integral part of my business team!

Jason Tallamy, Sales & Marketing Director

Extremely informative, fun and engaging

The GDPR seminar I attended was not like a usual seminar or conference… it was extremely informative, fun and engaging. I left the seminar feeling more relaxed and knowing much more about the principles behind the new GDPR legislation. I would love to attend future sessions like this hosted by Haddletons to gain further insights from experts in this field. Thank you for giving me all the information I need to ensure that Azesta are fitting the guidelines and fulfilling the principles!

Azesta Ltd
Jessie de Burgh

Straightforward and understandable

Haddletons made the whole process straightforward and understandable. They asked lots of questions to build a thorough understanding of our business and services, before advising on suitable terms, payment and delivery terms and ownership of IP. After this, they looked after everything, provided drafts, guidance and revised editions until we were happy with the finished result. The procurement person responsible for signing on the client side even remarked how impressive our paperwork and proposal was “very unusual to see such a well drafted and detailed set of terms”. As a result, we have already recommended Haddletons to several other businesses, two of which have gone on to become clients. As we continue to grow, we are confident to have Haddletons by our side – we cannot recommend them enough.

Flapjack Films
Paul Wilson, Owner

Helping our business move forward

Haddletons have been instrumental with helping our business move forward across many aspects of our legal requirements. The team have provided us with a supportive and high quality service on creating our employment contracts and staff handbook. The guidance and supporting documentation have been a great asset to us with understanding our legal documentation. We would definitely recommend Haddletons.

Raindrop Digital
Michael Rippon, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Really helped us with their knowledge

Haddletons’ knowledge of the new data protection laws is excellent, and they have really helped us with their knowledge and experience of the subject. Having dealt with this subject when working as in-house counsel, the team have a strong understanding of the practical implications of data protection.

Leeds Community Foundation
Karen Devonport, Finance Director

Bespoke course tailored to our needs

Haddletons recently provided high quality incident management training to our business. They were able to understand our requirements from the first point of contact and created a bespoke course tailored to our needs which engaged and informed our audience and suggested ways we could enhance our existing incident response procedures. The team over-delivered and did so on time, on budget and in a memorable and entertaining way. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business who want to reinforce and evaluate their own incident management planning.

Centre for Process Innovation
Debbie Sharpe, Principal Solicitor

Would not hesitate to recommend

Haddletons were instrumental in advising our business through some complex organisational changes. They were approachable, knowledgeable, and readily-available when we needed them most. We would not hesitate to recommend Haddletons to other companies and will be using their services again in future.

EasySwitch Energy
Wesley Gill, Managing Director

Listened carefully to our concerns

When we had a problem with malicious gossip that affected our business, Haddletons listened carefully to our concerns. Together we devised a strategy that halted the issue without court proceedings (important to us as a small company). But it did not stop there, they helped us turn these events to our benefit to grow customer goodwill and business. All at a pre-agreed fixed price.

Klassiker 911
Richard Illand , Managing Director

Provides pragmatic guidance

Haddletons provides pragmatic guidance on a complex issue which everyone needs to understand. This introductory half-day GDPR workshop was time and money well spent. It provided an excellent overview of the wider context of GDPR and a balanced approach to meeting the spirit of the regulations without distracting the entire workforce 24/7. Lots of common sense and pragmatic suggestions with valuable resources being sent out by email for subsequent study and utilisation.

Spinetic Energy Ltd
Nick Goddard

Always proactive and responsive

Haddletons understand the needs of our business. They are always proactive and responsive and act with the utmost professionalism. We know we’re in good, safe hands.

Tom Broughton , CEO

Just sorted everything out for us

It was a huge decision for us to accept that closing our relatively new business was the best way to go. We weren’t in any particular financial difficulties, but neither were we making massive profits. In short our product just didn’t take off quite as well as we expected and we wanted to try a different approach – to start again. Haddletons made this decision manageable. They gave us the options, really talked it through with us, and then just sorted everything out for us. It was such a relief to have them on our side! We will definitely be using Haddletons again.

Anon Science Co.
Karen Johnson, Managing Director

Providing professional support

Haddletons have been providing professional support in a number of areas for our University spin-out company ‘ngenics’. I have found them at all times to be professional, helpful and always willing to go above and beyond to both explain difficult aspects of company processes and procedures and to make sure we cover all governance and HR aspects. I recommend Haddletons highly.

Dr. Andy Tyrell , CEO

Took the time to get to know us

We originally came to Haddletons for support with our HR function. They were great and really took the time to get to know us and our business. As the business grew, we needed advice with some contractual and compliance matters – Haddletons stepped in and because they already knew us, matters were resolved quickly and efficiently. More recently, an employment matter took a bit of a complex turn. Again, Haddletons just sorted it for us. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Margaret Chartwell, Managing Director

Does what it says on the tin

I would highly recommend Haddletons board support – simply because they get it! They understand the problem areas that directors are experiencing with their board, whether its governing or helping to manage the boards better. It literally is a case of ‘does what it says on the tin’ with Haddletons board support; they allowed me to focus on making the decisions while they took care of everything else.

Managing Director
Stephen Mannerhein

Provided sound legal advice

Haddletons have provided excellent support to BOXARR over the last few years. In addition to highly professional company secretarial services, Haddletons have quickly provided sound legal advice whenever needed. I would be happy to recommend Haddletons to any fast growing SME like BOXARR.

Chris Reynolds , Managing Director

Truly excellent service

The team at Haddletons have provided a truly excellent service to us. They provide clear pragmatic guidance that is easy for us to follow and apply. They feel like part of our own team and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them (and have recommended them) to our clients and contacts.

Make & Ship Ltd
Mark Thomsit , Technical Director & Co-Founder

Professional legal advice

I recommend a chat with Haddletons to see how they can help your business like they help mine. Investing in their professional legal advice makes sound business sense – it offers a very high return when the chips are down and has benefitted us immensely.

Caremed Alrick Healthcare UK
Nathan Thompson Director

Well-deserved reputation

Karen Eckstein has built a formidable and well-deserved reputation defending accountants and tax advisers. She is never daunted, no matter how complex the underlying dispute appears to be. She makes very complicated tax disputes very simple to understand.

Legal Directory - Published

We like this approach

We recently instructed Haddletons to help us with legal compliance across our UK offices. We were very pleased with the way in which they worked with us, keeping to timelines and budget. It helped enormously that all the lawyers are senior and come with an inhouse background and quickly understood our needs: this facilitated quick and effective decision-making communicated in simple language. From a budgeting perspective it was helpful that they shared risk and only work on a fixed cost basis. We learnt that they do not have individual financial targets and their one objective is “to do an excellent job for the client”. We like this approach, and it showed in how they looked after us. We would happily recommend Haddletons for commercial and compliance work and look forward to supporting them in the years ahead as it grows.

Sulzer Pumps (UK) Ltd
Simon Routledge, Manager

Personal, top-quality, pragmatic and speedy

We started working with Haddletons about four years ago, after probably twenty years of sticking with the same law firm my father used when he ran our business. The difference in the service we receive is remarkable. Personal, top-quality, pragmatic and speedy advice at prices we can budget for. It is like getting advice from a friend – if that friend were a highly experienced legal and business expert! I can’t recommend Haddletons enough.

Callum O’Hare, Sales & Marketing Director

Very professional and diligent

As a start-up, it was incredibly reassuring to work with Haddletons. They are very professional and diligent in their legal advice, however what I particularly appreciated about working with them is that they are also pragmatic. They understand when things just need to be resolved in order to move forwards and will focus their efforts on the essentials accordingly. Whenever I needed quick advice, they were always happy to turn things around in 24 hours or less (even if that meant working on the weekend). Haddletons are lovely people to work with and I’d whole heartedly recommend them.

The bear can read
Camilla Macoun, Founder

Dealing with good people

I always know with Haddletons that if I need help they will be there to talk to. Recently we needed extra support in our commercial team and one of the Haddletons team slotted in to help us. We like dealing with good people who are not only excellent at their job but also fun to deal with. I have worked with Haddletons for many years and would recommend the team to others.

Duncan Vaughan, Company Secretary and Legal Director

Provided excellent practical advice

Haddletons supported Dr. Oetker to implement GDPR. James and the team worked seamlessly as part of our own team sharing their knowledge and expertise readily and with good humour. The team planned carefully, helped us prioritise tasks and then executed effectively against our plan. With their personal knowledge of working inhouse at other companies, they clearly understood our objectives and risks and provided excellent practical advice at a fixed and agreed cost. The online training module has proved accessible and informative for all. We would happily recommend their services to other organisations.

Dr. Oetker (UK) Ltd
Johannes Rosenthal, Managing Director

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